19 Times Sebastian Stan Made Us Wonder ‘What Did We Do to Deserve All This Beauty?!’

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19 Times Sebastian Stan Made Us Wonder ‘What Did We Do to Deserve All This Beauty?!’
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After watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier, audiences left saying, "Chris Evans WHO?!" Because all we saw was Sebastian Stan, the most beautiful man in the Marvel universe.

1. When he laid on a bed shirtless and gave us this quiet "come hither" look.

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2. When the light flared behind him and you were convinced he must be an angel.

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3. When he gazed off into the distance and you just so desperately wished you could jump in his line of vision.

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4. When his bed head was the most gorgeous bed head this planet has ever seen.

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5. When he made a leather jacket look so damn good, you just wanted to rip it off him.

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6. When he looked dapper and classy in a bow tie.

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7.  When you wanted him to never stop wearing tank tops for as long as he lives.

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8. When you wanted to ever-so-delicately sweep those long locks out of his face for him.

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9. When he cleaned up damn good and you were like, "Damn, boy, you clean up good."

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10. When he was the finest toned beast in all of Hollywood.

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11. When he poured his coffee out and you were ready to lick it up off the floor for him.



12. When he looked like the total dreamboat he is in black and white.



13. When you could barely see his eyes and he still made you faint.



14. When he was the winner of this one-man wet t-shirt contest.



15. When he was just the cutest looking quasi-Gap model.



16. When he looked surprisingly dashing with blonde hair.

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17. When rocker chic never looked this sexy.

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18. When he was the ultimate officer and gentleman.



19. And lastly, when he stared directly at you and eviscerated your entire being.

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