Sean Penn to Be Honored for Work in Haiti

September 24, 2010 By:
Sean Penn to Be Honored for Work in Haiti

Sean Penn and Wyclef Jean have been battling it out in the press for weeks now in regards to charity work in Haiti and Wyclef's bid for Presidency, but at the end of the day Sean is the one getting praise for the work he did in Earthquake stricken Haiti.

Sean is being honored for his charity work in Haiti with this year's Hollywood Humanitarian Award.

The Oscar winner co-founded the J/P HRO Haitian Relief Organization in the wake of the January earthquake and has spent months in Haiti helping to distribute food and medical supplies, as well as build schools and hospitals.

Not only has he donated his time, he's also set up a campsite in Port-au-Prince, to help provide temporary housing for an estimated 50,000 survivors left homeless by the tremors. What a guy!

Penn was made a knight in Haiti in July and now Hollywood wants to make sure he's honored at the Hollywood Awards Gala Ceremony next month.

Hollywood Film Festival Founder and Executive Director Carlos de Abreu says, "It is an honor to recognize the inspiring humanitarian efforts that Sean Penn and his J/P Haitian Relief Organization have been providing to the great people of Haiti."

Sean really stepped in and gave 110%; that was really honorable. Go Sean!