Sean Penn Pleads No Contest to Kicking Ass

May 12, 2010 By:
Sean Penn Pleads No Contest to Kicking Ass

Sean Penn has just copped a plea in his criminal case for kicking the crap out of a paparazzi. Penn -- who was charged with misdemeanor vandalism and battery by L.A.

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich -- pled no contest this morning to one count of vandalism. The battery charge was dismissed.

Penn was placed on 36 months probation and ordered to perform 300 hours of community service. And good thing Sean is such a charitable guy--the judge said his work for his Haitian relief organization will count toward his 300 hours.

Sean Penn Sued By Photographer for Threatening His Life

Penn was also ordered to go to 36 hours of anger management classes, which he can do with a private therapist. If he completes his charges will be changed to a disturbing the peace conviction, which is a lesser offense.

Penn must also stay 100 yards away from the victim. A restitution hearing over the paparazzo’s camera and medical bills is set for July 8th.

Beating someone up is nothing to joke about, but if you saw how stalkerish some of these paps are, you’d probably react the same way he did!