Sean Penn Caught Making Out with Natalie Portman!?

March 25, 2009 By:
Sean Penn Caught Making Out with Natalie Portman!?

Scandalous! There must be something in the water in Hollywood this month, we're hearing about one affair after another.

According to Star magazine, Sean Penn was spotted playing tonsil hockey with Natalie Portman.

"They went to a bank of elevators that only goes to the spa or to private rooms," an eyewitness tells Star. "They came back about 45 minutes later, and that's when I saw them making out."

"There's a door outside of the hotel's Tower Bar that has a bridge to the terrace, so it's semi-private," the eyewitness explains.

"I used that path to get to the restroom, and when I came back, I had to go through some curtains — and that's when I interrupted Sean and Natalie! When they saw me, they were startled and quickly composed themselves."

Why Natalie Portman? “Sean likes smart women, and they have political and social causes dear to their hearts,” says one L.A. insider.

Sean has been married to Robin Wright Penn for almost 13 years now. The couple filed for divorce back in December 07 but reconciled a few months later.