Sean Penn and Wife Reconciling Again

May 21, 2009 By:
Sean Penn and Wife Reconciling Again

Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn may be back on again! This divorce is all over the place! Guess Natalie Portman is out of the picture.

According to People, Sean filed a request today to dismiss his legal separation case in Marin County, CA. This is the second time Penn has rescinded his divorce papers.

The couple filed for legal separation on April 29th, so maybe the affair rumors with Natalie Portman brought Sean and Robin closer! We can’t keep up.

Penn tells the New York Daily News that filing for legal separation “was an arrogant mistake.”

A lawyer for Sean Penn didn't immediately return a call for comment. As for Robin Wright Penn, she’s been at the Cannes Film Festival, where she’s a member of the jury, since last week.

Think they can make it work this time??