Sean Kingston Loses Weight, Feels Great After Water Skiing Accident

August 8, 2011 By:
Sean Kingston Loses Weight, Feels Great After Water Skiing Accident

You can’t keep Sean Kingston down. After his nearly fatal jet-skiing accident in May and then a torn aorta days later that required open-heart surgery, Kingston seems to be recovering beautifully.

"I'm 100 percent right now," he said. "What the accident basically taught me is, in life, you have to count your blessings," Kingston tells US.

Kingston truly is counting his blessings, his accident had him hospitalized for weeks, “"A lot of people don't know it was a deeper situation," the "Beautiful Girls" singer said. "I had open heart surgery and I had two other surgeries.”

After all that he went thru he made his first public appearance last night at the Teen Choice Awards and surprised everyone by how great he looked as he stepped out onto the red carpet.

In a white tee, red vest and huge smile, Kingston walked the red carpet still swag as ever.

“Basically, I learned that in life anything can happen and you have to count your blessings and worship God and believe in God,” Kingston tells People.

Kingston presented an award to his buddy Justin Bieber alongside Tyra Banks on the show last night. When Bieber came up to accept his award he gave Kingston a giant bro-hug.

Kingston should have plenty to be thankful for, after surviving a near death experience he has re-evaluated his life and is making healthier lifestyle choices.

After losing around 45 pounds from his former weight of nearly 300 pounds, the R&B crooner says, “Actually, I shed like 45 pounds and I’ve been working out every day,” Kingston tells MTV News, “But I got to keep it up and lose more eight. It’s easy to gain weight when you’re in the studio.”

He says his health regime is pretty easy, “I don’t eat after 6pm and then I really just do the treadmill. I feel a lot better,” he adds.

After recovery from the accident, debuting a new slimmer figure, Kingston says he’s ready to get back to making music.

Kingston tells the today show, “I think my work is not done. It wasn’t my time yet.”

And Kingston isn’t wasting anytime recording new music, “I’m happy to be healthy and I’m going back into the studio tomorrow,” says Kingston.