Sean Kingston: Justin Bieber is 'My Best Friend'

July 13, 2012 By:
Sean Kingston: Justin Bieber is 'My Best Friend'

Before Usher stepped in, Justin Bieber had another mentor in his music career and life: Sean Kingston.

You may not have realized this but the Jamaican-American singer had a huge impact on little Biebs, the up and comer. In fact, the music collaborators and longtime friends go back… As in before the “Boyfriend” singer could drive.

We caught up with Mr. Kingston to get the scoop on the Bieber in his life.

“I knew him since he was 14, since he was a little kid you know and to see him grown up he is 18 now… He is doing his thing he is very successful,” Sean told Hollyscoop.

When Justin was first starting out in the business, Kingston was there to lend a helping hand. The reggae fusion act helped Justin get on his feet, offering him a solid foundation to build his now worldwide legacy off of.

“He didn’t even have a song out I was his friend you know,” he said. “I was letting him know he was going to be a star and now the world sees that and its a beautiful thing.”

And, if there’s anyone to give advice, it’s Sean. The artist has overcome homelessness and incarceration before establishing himself in the industry.

Justin and Sean collaborated early on with their song “Eenie Meenie.” The track was the first single off Kingston’s third studio album, Back 2 Life. The song was later featured on Justin’s 2009 studio release, My World 2.0.

Since then, Justin’s been featured on Kingston’s 2011 mixtape King of Kingz.

Despite busy schedules and Justin’s constantly multiplying success rate, Sean continues to offer a guiding eye for the star.

“We still see each other every week. I am busy with the album, he is busy with his album so we don’t get to spend so much time,” said Sean. “But you know he is still my friend.”

Just a kid himself, Kingston still embraces his childhood. A perfect example of this is his new tattoo… Mario Kart!

“I am a huge Mario fan I am still a kid I am 22,” he said. “I love Mario I grew up on Mario so its something that I have always wanted to do.”