From Jerry Ferrara to Jonah Hill: Male Stars With Extreme Weight Loss

August 8, 2011 By:
From Jerry Ferrara to Jonah Hill: Male Stars With Extreme Weight Loss

Usually in Hollywood everyone talks about the leading ladies who slim down once their careers take off but what about the dudes who get super skinny?

When everyone was blabbing about how Victoria Beckham was still a size zero after having 4 kids or how LeAnn Rimes is tweeting about not eating or whatever, let's talk about my boys who dropped the pounds and now look way hotter? Since most of Hollywood's leading men look chiseled from stone, let's give it up for the former fat kids who dropped the lbs and are now skinny boys too.

Jerry Ferrara: Jerry plays Turtle from "Entourage" and when the show first started back in 2004, he was the pudgy sidekick who the dudes practically had to beg girls to hook up with. Now Turtle has shed 55 lbs and went from muffin-top to 6 pack. I'm having a hard time watching Entourage now, because there's something unsettling about a hot dude named Turtle.

Sean Kingston: Kingston was hospitalized in May after a jet-skiing accident and now that he's out of the hospital with a new grasp on life he says he's already lost 45 pounds. Kingston debuted a slightly slimmer figure at the Teen Choice Awards and doesn't want it to stop there. "But I got to keep it up and loose more weight. It's easy to gain weight when you're in the studio." Says Kingston.

Jonah Hill: This comedian shed like half a person to get in shape for his role in "21 Jump Street." Whether he felt the pressure starring opposite hot Channing Tatum or he just wanted to get in shape, it's obvious he looks like a new man. He even shaves now and stopped wearing those oversized hipster glasses. He lost over 40 pounds, but let's see if the saying is true that fat people are funnier than slimmer folk. You better still make me laugh now-skinnier-version-of-Jonah-Hill.

Kyle Massey: The former Disney Kid and contestant on the "Dancing With the Stars" says it was his stint on the ballroom dance show that helped him loose the weight. He claimed he's dropped 18 pounds and lost a whopping eight inches off his waist. This show has become the newest weight-loss trend in Hollywood, seriously, someone should tell Jack Black to get on that show. But you know who didn't loose any weight that same season of DWTS? Bristol Palin. Is it bad if I laugh?

Seth Rogen: Seth Rogen is another funny dude who ditched the beard and lost the pounds. He dropped around 30 pounds for his title role in "The Green Hornet" in 2009 and has since kept it off. He's also wearing suits and skinny ties now and one time I saw him on the street and legitimately thought it was Zac Efron. Funny and fit, say what?!!?