Crazy Woman Claims Sean Kingston Sexually Assaulted Her

July 14, 2010 By:
Crazy Woman Claims Sean Kingston Sexually Assaulted Her

Damn, no one is safe from psycho fans! Singer Sean Kingston has been accused of sexual assault, but sources say cops don't believe the woman.

According to TMZ, the alleged incident occurred Sunday night, at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Seattle. Two women showed up to a party at a hotel room and Sean just happened to be there.

According to police, the women were both pretty drunk when they arrived, with bottles of vodka and beer in hand. One of the women claims Sean had sex with her, and, as one source says, "She was very aggressive." Sean then left the party and went to another room on the same floor.

But apparently Sean wasn't enough for the crazed fan because sources say the woman then proceeded to have sex with two other men in the room. Dirty, dirty. The friend also had sex with someone in the room.

At some point police and paramedics were called and they were sent to a hospital where rape tests were conducted. They believed they were roofied at some point so the hospital conducted those tests too.

Cops were initially going to interview Sean but they deemed the two women "not credible" and they now say an interview is unnecessary. He got off the hook but we bet his camp isn't too thrilled with the unnecessary bad press--especially since he's set to perform with the Biebs tonight in Portland.