Seal Disputes Heidi Klum Divorce Petition

April 10, 2012 By:
Seal Disputes Heidi Klum Divorce Petition

Guys, just put on some matching costumes and work things out already.

Seal has reportedly filed a response to Heidi Klum’s divorce petition, and the two will most likely be disputing over their assets. Heidi Klum is worth an estimated $70 million, while Seal is worth $15 million. So this could be fun.

According to TMZ, Heidi claims there’s a postnuptial agreement, which means, “there are no joint or community assets.” But Seal now claims there are “community and quasi-community assets,” and in his response, he makes no mention of the postnup.

Seal is also asking for joint physical custody of their four kids. Heidi is petitioning for physical custody, with Seal getting visitation. I mean, every picture I see of these kids is with Heidi, and I don’t want to jump to any conclusions but I’m pretty sure Seal is usually preoccupied with giving himself a manicure.

TMZ reports: “Given that he's away a lot on tour, giving her primary physical custody is pretty much status quo.”

Seal is asking the judge to deny spousal support to Heidi, and Heidi wants to deny spousal support to Seal. So probably neither of them will be getting any support.

And it looks like these two weren’t on the same page with when the separation was official. Heidi claims the date of separation was January 19, 2012. On the other hand, Seal says the date hasn’t been determined. There's still hope, Seal. There's still hope.