Scott Disick Took Underage Jenner Girls Clubbing

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Scott Disick Took Underage Jenner Girls Clubbing
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You know that crazy uncle everyone has? The one who drinks too much and maybe tries to hit on you and you’re like, “Sorry Uncle Terry, but I’m in high school.” Yeah, that’s where Scott Disick is at right now.

Scott, being the responsible uncle that he is…took Kendall and Kylie Jenner out clubbing last night.

Kendall is 17 and Kylie is 16 and Scott took them to a 21-and-over nightclub in West Hollywood. They started the night at the totally legal Day By Day Fashion Show at LA Live, but kept the party going later that night at Wax Rabbit nightclub. 

Apparently the girls had fake IDs because the manager of the club told TMZ that his bouncers check IDs and the girls’ IDs passed inspection.

So, Scott is promoting illegal activity in his own family! What a role model!

Who are we kidding? Celebrity babies can get into a club in Hollywood. If you’re 14 and want to go out, just roll up in a short dress, tell the bouncer that your dad is famous and boom, that’s how it works in this town.

The night's finale was captured in these pics of the girls leaving the club. They look like they had a LOT to drink of fun.