Scott Disick Celebrates His Birthday Without Kardashians

June 7, 2012 By:
Scott Disick Celebrates His Birthday Without Kardashians

Scott Disick celebrated at least part of his 29th birthday, Vegas style -- clubbing it up at the Mirage’s 1 Oak Nightclub on Friday June 1st…. without any of the Kardashians.

But they still love him. Apparently the family had a gathering sometime earlier in the week. Of the shindig he said, “Honestly we just, we're pretty low key and we had a BBQ at our house. Ate a lot of food and felt guilty about it. Nothing crazy.”

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Disick’s entourage consisted of some nightclub/ restaurant business people including the man responsible for the controversial “Girls Gone Wild” franchise! Yes!

Now we’re getting somewhere: SCOTT, SHOW US YOUR t**’s!

Kidding. Not that kind of party. That was a past life (allegedly).

Disick took some time out to talk about his first restaurant, a Japanese themed fine dining experience. “I opened a restaurant RYU downtown in the meat packing district [in NYC] and its doing fantastic.”

So fantastic in fact that he plans to expand, ”I’m actually thinking about opening another one in Los Angeles which will probably be a similar brand, its exciting a lot of work. Its nice, its fun. I mean Vegas would definitely be a huge, huge dream to me but I’ll probably do LA first and then Vegas probably after.”

Soon enough, we’ll all be able to take a bite of the Kardashian-empire-pie (or bowl of udon)!

Let’s get back to the show that made him famous. Disick is stoked that the girls are doing well and is glad the public wants to keep watching how the family “unfolds.”

As for him and Kourtney having their own spin-off, “there is always a possibility I guess depending on what other people want to see and demand for it."

There you go people, cast your vote. Or not.

Throughout the evening Disick posed for publicity snaps, busted some awkward white boy moves from the VIP area when his B-day was announced, and walked around with his overly moisturized sheen.