Scarlett Johansson's Broadway Debut Gets Rave Reviews

January 25, 2010 By:
Scarlett Johansson's Broadway Debut Gets Rave Reviews

Scarlett Johansson's Broadway debut has garnered much better praise than her first album! The actress starred alongside Live Schrieber in Arthur Miller’s “A View from the Bridge” last night. And unlike so many Hollywood actors who try their hand on the Great White Way, Scarlett succeeded.

USA Today called Johansson’s performance “an enchanting Broadway debut” in "what could be this season's most inspired piece of movie-star casting."

Variety called her performance "remarkably assured.”

The New York Times compared Scarlett’s work to that of Katie Holmes, saying Johansson performed the role with "seeming effortlessness. By comparison, Ms. Johansson melts into her character so thoroughly that her nimbus of celebrity disappears.”

The New York Post wrote that it was "just wonderful to watch Johansson challenge both herself and our expectations of her."

The Washington Post wrote "Johansson proves to be capable of far more than collaborating in eyebrow-raising star casting.”

Scarlett herself called the experience "a very new thing for me" and felt like "baring your soul. It's a little bit of a scary thing.”

The play only runs for 14 weeks! Tickets are available at