Scarlett Johansson Wows Set With Black Widow Costume

May 7, 2009 By:
Scarlett Johansson Wows Set With Black Widow Costume

The cast and crew on the set of Iron Man 2 are lucky enough to a part of one of the biggest movie franchises in history, but now we have another reason to be jealous.

Scarlett Johansson started shooting her scenes recently as The Black Widow
and reportedly silenced everyone present.

Director Jon Favreuau took to his Twitter to explain to the scene today on the set of the film. He said, "Scarlett's first day on set in the Black Widow outfit. You've never heard a crew get so quiet so fast."

We can only imagine! That outfit is tighter than Sienna Miller's in G.I. Joe! And Scarlett couldn't be more perfect for the role. She even looks like the comic version. And as you may recall, Scarlett was the second choice for the role. Emily Blunt was originally intended to play the part, but pulled out because of scheduling conflicts. Bet she's kicking herself now!