Scarlett Johansson Leaves the Country Post-Split

December 15, 2010 By:
Scarlett Johansson Leaves the Country Post-Split

Scarlett Johansson got out of town quick. The same day she and Ryan Reynolds announced they were divorcing, she was spotted with friends in Jamaica.

TMZ obtained the pics of the blond bombshell, wearing a bikini and fedora, as she strolled with some girlfriends.

Ryan Reynolds Runs Back to Ex

Only one man was visible in the group—Johnny Depp—on the cover of the Vanity Fair she had tucked under her arm.

A source said of Scarlett, "She's been unhappy for a while,” adding that their busy schedules are to blame.

But another friend tells their split came as a shock to most people who knew the couple well. "No one had any idea this was coming. They kept their private life so secret that I doubt we will ever really know what went wrong."

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds Split

Insiders say the statement Ryan and Scarlett released yesterday will likely be the only one the press will get regarding their split. Sources say Ryan will under no circumstances answer any questions about it while promoting Green Lantern early next year.

"Anyone that asks personal questions will be asked to leave," the source said.

No fun! We want to know what went down! But when you think about it, if there was any drama, it would find a way to leak out to the press—maybe they really were that boring, and nothing dramatic led to their split!