Scarlett Johansson Got Wasted at White House Correspondents Dinner

December 23, 2011 By:
Scarlett Johansson Got Wasted at White House Correspondents Dinner

In Hollywood, everything is backwards. Teenaged stars get into clubs that regular people have to be 21 at, everyone gets a DUI before they hit age 25, and the White House Correspondents Dinner is like the worlds greatest frat party.

The usually demure Scarlett Johansson says she loves those White House Correspondent dinners because it is an excuse to get wasted.

“We’re just expected [as entertainers] to get drunk and make fools of ourselves,” she told Anderson Cooper, “The Republican senator’s the one that’s supposed to be like on the straight and narrow.”

Really? This happens? I just assumed that at this dinner, everyone eats with a tiny fork and tries to sit really straight and talks about non-partisan issues like “vacationing in the Hamptons” and “who won The X Factor.”

“They call it the prom – Washington’s prom,” says ScarJo, “For me, I feel kind of like a chaperone. [I just] enjoy it and don’t have to be completely involved.”

However, ScarJo may claim to be a “chaperone” but at last springs White House dinner, she was more of a “lap chaperone,” if you know what I mean? A source said she attended the dinner with her then-beau Sean Penn and was sitting in his lap during part of the meal. They even made out with each other as the main course of the dinner was being served.

Ohhh, now I know what she means about it being like High-School prom.