Scarlett Johansson Backs Obama

January 3, 2008 By:
Scarlett Johansson Backs Obama

It's not only Oprah anymore. Scarlett Johansson has jumped aboard the Barack Obama train. She even gave a speech supporting the presidential candidate right before the crucial Iowa caucuses Jan 2nd in Coralville, Iowa.

Turns out Scarlett was the special guest at Obama's big rally last night. His Campaign tried to keep her out of the lime light and make it more about the politics, and her job was to rally young voters.

Obama's camp is really trying to influence Generation Y, made up of high schoolers, since people can caucus at age 17. It's the only campaign to launch an official Facebook application to organize and gather data about potential caucus goers. And today Facebook announced its official Facebook Primary in a joint project with, the Hip Hop Caucus and the League of Young Voters.

It's based around a Facebook application, where people can vote for and promote their favorite candidate, and identify their top issues as well. You can see not only who's winning nationally on Facebook, but also who's winning in each Facebook network.