Scarlett Doesn't Have A "Crush" On Obama

June 16, 2008 By:
Scarlett Doesn't Have A

Scarlett Johansson
has voiced her support for presidential candidate Barack Obama but it is not because she has a “crush” on him. Many people have criticized Johansson for supporting Obama because she thought he was hot and not because of his policies.

Sources close to Scarlett tell the NY Daily News that it’s not true. She supports Obama not because he’s “hot” but because of what he stands for.

"She is a surrogate (Obama campaigner). They're not exchanging love letters. Everyone seems to be forgetting that she's engaged.?"

Kal Penn (actor and Obama supporter) is also a surrogate, and no one says he has a crush on Obama."?

Wow, it would be pretty dumb if people were voting for a presidential candidate based on looks.