From Hadyen & Wladimir to Scarlett & Sean: Oddest Celebrity Couples

May 5, 2011 By:
From Hadyen & Wladimir to Scarlett & Sean: Oddest Celebrity Couples

Love is a beautiful thing. But let's be real. Some couples seem made for each other, and some leave us scratching our heads. We love Whoopi Goldberg and we love Ted Danson. But together, they just confused the hell out of us.

But hey, sometimes weird combinations can work. Here are a few odd celebrity couples that have somehow found their way into each other's arms.

Scarlett Johansson & Sean Penn: Not many men over fifty that look like they've been through hell and back can get a woman in her twenties who looks like ScarJo. But between him trying to save the world and his devil-may-care attitude, Scarlett saw something in Sean Penn. They may be in love, but if they weren't in Hollywood, people would just think she's his nurse!

Kim Stewart & Benicio del Toro: Kimberly Stewart recently announced she was expecting Benicio del Toro's baby, leaving the world to refresh their pages over and over, thinking they had read that wrong. But no, it's true. When did this happen and how did it end up under the radar? I'm not saying I deserve to know every detail of celebs' private lives, but come on. I think with a romance this weird, they had an obligation to share its bizarreness with the world.

Hayden Panettiere & Wladimir Klitschko : Not only is he nearly ten years older than her, he's about ten feet taller than her, too. Tiny lady Hayden Panettiere stands at a mere 5'1", while Klitschko is a whopping 6'6". In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Panattiere revealed that fans often ask her how the two have sex. And I gotta admit, when you see them standing next to each other, it's hard not to wonder how it happens. "Where there's a will, there's a way," Panettiere said.

Whitney Houston & Ray-J: Whitney Houston has reportedly known Ray-J since he was 12. So there's the age thing, sure. But there's also the fact that Whitney Houston is bona fide insane. In fact, she could pretty much hook up with anyone, and it'd be an odd couple. She's crazy enough for two people.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: This one had everyone wondering "WTF", and Tom knew it. That's why he tried beating it into everyone's heads by attacking the sh-t out of Oprah's couch. There are just too many crazy factors in this relationship: the age, the fact that they look so much alike, and then there was Tom's anti-medicine, anti-post partum depression campaign during the time they got together. But hey, this odd combo made Suri Cruise, the most adorable middle-aged toddler in Hollywood, so it worked for them.