X-Games Star Shaun White Has Naked Photos

December 5, 2011 By:
X-Games Star Shaun White Has Naked Photos

Guys, you knew there was gonna be a price to pay for those Scarlett Johansson pics. Well, it’s here. Professional snowboarder Shaun White apparently has naked photos now, too.

White apparently engaged in sexual intercourse back in 2009, which isn’t really a big deal except for the fact that the romp was photographed and now, those photos are being shopped around. According to TMZ, the pics were taken at a hotel party right before White won a gold medal at the 2009 Winter X-Games for Superpipe.

Um, just to clarify, superpipe is a snowboarding term.

Anyway, White was apparently banging this woman in front of people, and a few of the onlookers managed to snap photos, but at the time, White’s team was able to get those people to erase all of those photos.

And the world was safe. Or so we thought.

Somehow, two of those photos managed to survive damage control. The owner is now trying to sell the photos, but so far, he hasn’t found a buyer. Here’s why. Number one, the economy is terrible. Number two, it’s naked photos of Shaun White.

One of the pics shows White making out with a blonde chick in front of a bunch of people. They have their clothes on in this pic. But according to TMZ, the other pic shows Shaun with the same woman, but both are naked, embracing in bed, and Shaun is smiling at the camera.

TMZ reported: “Let’s just say the ginger carpet matches the ginger drapes.”

I’m sorry. But if I had to know that, you did, too.

White will join the ranks of other male celebs who have had their naked photos leaked. Mixed martial artist, Tito Ortiz, fell victim to a hacker back in May. The former UFC Light Heavyweight champion had a full-frontal naked photo of himself being leaked via his Twiter page. When the photo got out, Ortiz simply said:

“Oh well I can’t do anything about it….day goes on. Don’t like don’t look.”

White won the gold medal at both the 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympics and has won a medal in the Winter X Games every year since 2002. In a recent interview, the snowboarding legend said:

“I need powder and blue sky, I don’t actually like the cold, but I love the mountains. I like having the pause of summer and the summer X Games, then it’s good to start winter again. I also think having a goal to maintain is good motivation.”