Oscar De La Hoya Pics Real or Photoshopped?

September 20, 2007 By:
Oscar De La Hoya Pics Real or Photoshopped?

Oscar De La Hoya seems to be the talk of the town. Yesterday, photos surfaced on the net of the tough guy boxer dressed in drag. He was wearing fishnet head to toe with a wig and bra and panties. I gotta admit it was pretty funny, but his peeps are claiming that the photos are photoshopped.

Ramiro Gonzalez, a rep for De La Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions, said, "Our position is that they are doctored pictures. We have our lawyers looking into this and we have no further comment."

Photo agency x17 reportedly purchased the photos from a former Scores West stripper. The stripper claims that the two met a year ago and role played in the room.

So do you guys think these photos are real or photoshopped? I personally think they are real and the only reason they are claiming they are photoshopped is to save Oscar's ass--and his marriage for that matter.