Move Over Heidi Fleiss

June 15, 2007 By:
Move Over Heidi Fleiss

Watch out Heidi Fleiss, we might have another madam in our hands. There was a police prostitution bust in Las Vegas and lets just say the investigation has some high profile names in there.

A Sin City madam, Esperanza Brooks dropped Shaquille O'Neal’s and former President Bill Clinton’s names as she bragged about having high-powered clientele while she was being secretly recorded by an undercover cop.

"These are not your average girls. Some of them have worked with Bill Clinton," Brooks told an undercover cop.

A spokesman for Clinton said, "Apparently, total fabrications that get made up in Vegas don't stay in Vegas."

Brooks was arrested after a little sting operation went down. There was a request for "blond" girls with "large breasts" to three men who were sent by the undercover cop.

Now we gotta see how Clinton and O’Neal play into all of this. You better bet she is gonna talk!