Miley Cyrus Half Naked in New Racy Pic

December 27, 2010 By:
Miley Cyrus Half Naked in New Racy Pic

Scratch that whole “Miley Cyrus is turning over a new leaf” thing.

A racy new photo of her just leaked, and she looks like she’s channeling Julia Roberts’ character in Pretty Woman in it. obtained the skankalicious pic, with Miley being prodded and air-licked by some Sofia Vergara-impersonating tranny bizarro chick.

Evidently, this girl is Miley's makeup artist...and likes to party with her too!

Miley Thinks Drugs are Pretty Cool!

Miley definitely knows the pic was being taken, because she’s staring right into the lens. It appears that they’re out at a club—so that means Miley intentionally wore that outfit out.

Those kudos I gave you before Miley…..they’ve been revoked!