Julia Stiles Responds to Dexter Affair Rumor

December 16, 2010 By:
Julia Stiles Responds to Dexter Affair Rumor

The rumor that Julia Stiles and Michael C. Hall were getting busy on the set of Dexter is everywhere. But she is not happy about it.

Julia responded to the allegations she had something to do with Hall’s sudden split from wife Jennifer Carpenter, telling E! Online it’s BS.

Michael C. Hall's Other Woman Revealed

"I have absolutely nothing to do with the split between Michael and Jennifer," Stiles said in a statement released by her rep.

"We are good friends and enjoyed working together. This is a personal matter between them, and we should respect their privacy. Although I too prefer to keep my private life, private—I felt compelled to dispel the rumors I was somehow the cause for this matter."

Yeah, right. Julia’s psyched because her career hasn’t been this hot since Save the Last Dance.

Don’t hold your breath—I’m sure we haven’t heard the end of this dirty rumor. Keep in mind, most blind items have some truth to them. As Hollyscoop reported yesterday, the blind about Julia and Michael was that they had crazy chemistry on set, and ended up getting really “close” at a Halloween party a couple months ago.

Who do you believe???