Demi Lovato Sex Tape Just in Time for Christmas

December 17, 2010 By:
Demi Lovato Sex Tape Just in Time for Christmas

This Christmas, we can all look forward to watching all the classic holiday movies--A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, and the Demi Lovato Sex Tape!

According to X17 Online, Demi Lovato's sex tape is going to leak any day now.

According to a source who worked on Demi’s tour in August, Demi was getting down and dirty with random dudes in her trailer. And get this—her uncle Francisco Lovato guarded the bus while she was “busy” inside.

A member of Lovato’s tour crew says she would "always kick people off the bus so she could bring random dudes on board and get nasty with them,” adding that she is “no stranger to filming her sexual exploits,” and a tape of Demi and one the guys she f**ked “will surface soon.”

Apparently everyone on her tour knew exactly what was going on, but no one confronted her about it. One source said, "No one really cared about what she did or how she acted. It was truly sad to watch. She tried to act more adult by using foul language and showing her friends how rebellious she was, but she was so rude, everyone just made fun of her."

This is so unbelievably pathetic and sad. But we should have known, seeing as though this was a blind item on blind gossip just this week. Take a look:

This girl is already in trouble, so we’ll try to take it easy on her. On her recent tour, she frequently kicked everyone else off the tour bus so that she could bring random guys aboard. They would spend hours doing what hormonally-charged kids do while her band had to wait outside. One of the people who waited outside was her chaperone, a relative who knew exactly what was happening and did nothing. By the way, our girl loves to film everything. Everything. Yes, there is more than a chance that it will be made public soon.

How much you want to bet this comes out right before Christmas so that everyone has something to talk about over the holidays?!