Chad Michael Murray Was A "Jealous Diva"

June 22, 2007 By:
Chad Michael Murray Was A

Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush had one quick marriage, but that didn’t stop Murray from being a jealous husband. Jealous? Wasn’t he the one who cheated on her with Paris Hilton? Murray was a "jealous diva" toward other guys that filmed scenes with Bush.

He was reportedly responsible for getting rid of John Cates, who played "Rusty" on the show because of his on-set jealousy.

"Chad told producers, 'It's no more John Cates or no more Chad Michael Murray,' because he thought John and Sophia were flirting," a friend told the NY Post.

Another source said, "Chad was a terror to work with. Writers kept plotting him and John against each other, and Chad took it seriously. He told everyone on set he couldn't stand John, and finally producers wrote him off the show."

What ever happened to Chad Michael Murray? Did he ever marry that really young girl he was dating?