Brinkley vs. Cook Drama Continues

July 25, 2006 By:
Brinkley vs. Cook Drama Continues

Christie Brinkley's architect husband and cad, Peter Cook, has publicly apologized to his estranged wife following revelations that he'd had a year-long affair with a teenage girl.

"I love my wife. I have loved her since the day I met her. Please … I love her," Cook told the New York Post via his lawyer, Norman Sheresky. "For a lifetime, I've tried to prove how much I love her. This is an aberration. I'm sorry. I'm contrite. I'm stupid. Foolish. No excuse."

When asked about divorce plans, Sheresky said, "There is no divorce proceeding that is proceeding. Christie Brinkley has not sued her husband." Cook, he said, "hopes there's no divorce. If she wants one – and he certainly hopes this doesn't happen, but if – it will not be nasty. She can have whatever she wants." Take it all girl! Take it all from his cheating ass.

On July 12 Brinkley, 52, announced her separation from Cook after 10 years of marriage. A friend told People Magazine that the model was devastated by the discovery of the 47-year-old Cook's relationship with former employee Diana Bianchi, 19. Bianchi's lawyer is investigating a possible sexual harassment lawsuit. Referring to Cook's relationship with Bianchi, Shereksy told the Post that Cook "denies that any relationship with that person was nonconsensual. … As he said, quote, 'I took no advantage.' "

Explaining that Cook "got involved, in over his head somehow, and he wants to make it up to (Christie) for the rest of his life," Sheresky added, "He didn't invent adultery. He didn't invent the certain kind of person who would engage in it with him, either."

Brinkley so far has not commented about the separation, and on Tuesday her publicist, Elliot Mintz, told the Associated Press that he didn't think she would ask him to issue a response. "This is not the way for people to have a discourse or a discussion about private matters," he said.