What To Watch On TV: Monday Edition

August 4, 2008 By:
What To Watch On TV: Monday Edition

Teen Choice 2008 @ 8pm on Fox

Miley Cyrus has been one busy 15-year-old this summer, performing just about everywhere while promoting her first non-Hannah Montana release, Breakout. She's hard to miss at newsstands, too. And tonight, the apple of Billy Ray's eye is hosting the Teen Choice Awards. Not surprisingly, she's up for four of them. Leading the nominations pack: Gossip Girl, with 14; followed by Chris Brown, with nine. The Jonas Brothers, who have been nominated for five of the surfboard trophies, are scheduled to field viewer questions, and Mariah Carey is the featured performer.

I Want To Work for Diddy @ 9pm

Imagine The Apprentice, only Diddy-style. Thirteen eager applicants want to be Diddy's next personal assistant, but only one will get that chance. To win that position, they'll have to survive grueling challenges, such as tonight's task of completing a to-do list for Diddy in 24 hours. (Sleep? That's overrated.) Former assistants are on hand to remind the contestants to bring their A-game because, as Diddy explains, "I'm not the easiest to work for, but I am the best to work for."

Baghdad High @ 9pm

Going through adolescence can be tough enough on a lot of kids, but can you imagine doing so in a war zone? Filmmakers Ivan O'Mahoney and Laura Winter gave cameras to four Iraqi teenage boys, each from a different religious background, and they set out to record video diaries of their 2006-'07 senior year in high school. The results reveal a list of typical teen quandaries — test scores, romance and fitting in — but the omnipresent threats of violence and political instability add a sobering level of gravity you won't see on Gossip Girl.

Saving Grace @ 10pm TNTHD
All is not OK in Okie City. A disappearance, a drug-fueled rebel without a cause, an impending divorce and a deep gambling addiction all collide in Grace's newest crime-busting odyssey. The self-destructive hell-raiser (Emmy nominee Holly Hunter) is on high alert when a mother of two vanishes, and clues then point to a teen girl and her stoner boyfriend as suspects. In family news, Grace's young nephew (Dylan Minnette) joins a police program. He soon puts his pintsize sleuthing to use, cornering Ham about his hush-hush romantic dalliances with Grace.