Sarah Palin's Wedding Hopes For Bristol

October 23, 2008 By:
Sarah Palin's Wedding Hopes For Bristol

In an exclusive interview with People magazine, Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin opened up about her pregnant daughter, Bristol, 18, and her hopes for marriage on the horizon.

If she could have it her way, Sarah's daughter and her fiance Levi Johnston would just take the plunge and get married before their baby is born sometime this December.

Just days before Bristol turned 18 (on October 18), her mom told People that the kids had set a date for next summer, but the sooner the better in her eyes.

"Hopefully before that. Bristol turns 18 in a few days. That's what we wanted her to wait for: 18, and a decision on her own about how she's going to go forward, her and Levi, at this point." No pressure or anything, but she clearly has an opinion on the matter.