Sarah Palin's Alaska Draws in Huge Numbers

November 15, 2010 By:
Sarah Palin's Alaska Draws in Huge Numbers

If you thought Sarah Palin didn’t have that many fans—think again. She has 5 million of them.

According to TV Newser, her new show Sarah Palin’s Alaska on TLC drew in 4.96 million viewers last night. That’s the biggest of any new show on the network—and that includes TLC’s former darlings Jon and Kate Gosselin!

According to the report, 1.8 million adults between 25-54 tuned in and 1.6 million between 18-49 watched the show. I wonder how many of those millions want that hour of their life back.

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Some are already calling the show a major campaign ad, complete with everyone’s fave Repub Bill O’Reilly himself.

But honestly I’m not surprised in the least by these numbers—Mark Burnett is the executive producer, who’s responsible for Survivor, and he’s rumored to be the head honcho for Oprah’s new talk show on the OWN network.

Burnett said of Palin, "I saw her step on that vice-presidential ticket, and suddenly, it was everywhere. Then, when the election was over, it carried on being everywhere, and everything she did was talked about.”

Dude is a smart—and very rich—man!