Sarah Palin Unlikely To Appear On SNL

October 8, 2008 By:
Sarah Palin Unlikely To Appear On SNL

We hope this isn’t true! All week we’ve been hearing rumors that Sarah Palin
was set to get back at Tina Fey for her recent impersonations of her by appearing on SNL herself! Word on the street was that Palin would make a cameo on the show and come face-to-face with her own spoofer.

But Seth Meyers quickly shot the rumors down, telling Newsday, “Of those specific rumors, there’s no truth. We do have an open door policy, but there’s nothing specific yet, but our window of opportunity is before the election. We’d love to have McCain and Obama on again, too. Our doors are always open.”

Ya know, had this been a quote from the Palin camp, we might believe it. But how can we honestly believe Seth Meyers?! The guy makes jokes for a living! Our money is on the fact that Sarah’s making her cameo.