Sarah Palin to Appear on American Chopper

April 30, 2009 By:
Sarah Palin to Appear on American Chopper

Sarah Palin is coming back to invade out television screens. She’ll be appearing on tomorrow’s episode of American Chopper on TLC. During the episode, Sarah invites the crew from Orange County Choppers to Anchorage, Alaska.

The show will feature Chopper star Paul Teutul building a bike to honor Alaska’s 50-year anniversary of being a state.

Sarah says, "It means so much to the state of Alaska that these guys are building this bike that will honor statehood here.”

Paul says he was a little nervous about meeting Sarah, but once he met her, she was "a real down to earth person to talk to."

Who knew Sarah Palin was into choppers? During the episode Paul Sr. hangs out with Governor Palin in her office and talks about the Alaskan weather, snowmobiling and fishing in the summer. She tells him, "I inherit whatever Todd rejects from the year before. She even invites the crew back during the summer when the weather gets better, saying they’ll have some fun “Alaska style.”

So if you’re into choppers, into Sarah Palin, or both, check out tomorrow’s episode of American Chopper April 30th at 9PM.