Sarah Palin Shopping A Reality Show

March 4, 2010 By:
Sarah Palin Shopping A Reality Show

Sarah Palin seems to be liking the limelight a lot! Now that she’s s regular on Fox News, and doesn’t have the daily worries of being Governor of Alaska, she has time to do things like meet with network executives.

Apparently Sarah is shopping around a reality show! According to Entertainment Weekly, Palin has met with several network execs, including Mark Burnett! She’s trying to sell an idea for a a docudrama about Alaska. A source said it’s a “planet-Earth type look” at the state.

Insiders say she and Burnett were spotted together yesterday, and that she also met with Fox’s Mike Darnell, and then headed over to Idol with her family.

Must be nice! Sarah sure has changed a lot since when we first met her in ’08! Someone seems to be enjoying the Hollywood lifestyle a little better than freezing cold Alaska!