Sarah Palin Comments on How the Media Treated Her

January 9, 2009 By:
Sarah Palin Comments on How the Media Treated Her

Sarah Palin is still talking about the media treated her throughout the entire election process.

In a new documentary by filmmaker John Ziegler, Sarah gives a candid response about what she really thinks of the press.

The documentary is called How Obama Got Elected. No topic was off limits, beginning with the story of whether or not her son Trigg was really her baby, Bristol being a high school drop out, and of course, the infamous Katie Couric interview.

She had a lot to say about reporters and anonymous bloggers, whom she blamed for reporting lie after lie about her and her family. And as for Katie Couric, Sarah says, “Katie, you’re not the center of everybody’s universe.”

Touche! But we have to give credit to Sarah. Without her, Tina Fey may not have won Entertainer of the Year by the AP, and Katie Couric’s ratings wouldn’t be where they are now. Sarah sure thinks she deserves a thank you!

As for Sarah’s immediate future, she’s back to work as usual as Governor. And despite all she’s gone through this year, she says she’d gladly go through it again. Not for her own pride, but because “there’s a great need in our country for reform.” Spoken like a true American. Check out the video.