More Drama In Sarah Palin's Family

September 1, 2008 By:
More Drama In Sarah Palin's Family

This puts Bristol Palin's pregnancy to shame! Sarah Palin comes with a whole bunch of baggage. Her hubby, Todd must like his vodka-tonics, because he went behind bars back in '86 for drinking and driving.

According to CBN News columnist David Brody, Todd was arrested on DUI charges back in the day. They're just a bunch of party animals, those Palins!

He wasn't even Mr. Palin at the time, either. Sarah and he were dating when he was arrested for the DUI in Dillingham, Alaska. Sounds like a party town!

Now, we totally get that it the arrest happened a long time ago, but this is the second thing we've heard about the Palins in one day, and Sarah has only been under the radar for a matter of days!

Does this affect the way you look at the family that could very well be living on 34th and Mass Ave in D.C. by next year?