Katie Couric Slams Sarah Palin

November 12, 2008 By:
Katie Couric Slams Sarah Palin

CBS anchor Katie Couric attended the Glamour Magazine 2008 Women of the Year Awards dinner at the Essex House this week and she was quite vocal.

Katie told a Page Six reporter that she thinks Sarah Palin still needs to work at being a good governor before she even considers running for President.

"I think she should keep her head down, work really hard and learn about governing. But I'm not anyone to give advice to anyone about anything," she said.

When asked about the fact that it was her famous interview that showed Americans what Sarah was really made of, Katie was humble. "I was really just a conduit that allowed her to air her views. I don't want to judge. I'll let the voters do that."

Clearly they did just that when they elected Obama/Biden into the White House.