Julianne Moore Slams Sarah Palin During 'Game Change' Research

February 17, 2012 By:
Julianne Moore Slams Sarah Palin During 'Game Change' Research

Julianne Moore is set to play former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin in the new HBO film, Game Change and even though Julianne Moore is a dead ringer for Palin in the flick, she is not a fan of the woman.

Moore says she actually met Palin as part of research for the role and her verdict after all her research?

“She was not qualified to be vice president,” says Moore.

I think we all knew that Sarah Palin wasn’t even qualified to be human when she claimed to see Russia from her house.

“She wasn’t a qualified candidate. I think that became quite evident during the campaign. It was so shocking to me when she resigned the governorship of Alaska when the presidential election was over. I was stunned. I just think that shows such an unbelievable lack of interest in the actual governing.”

Thanks Julianne Moore for saying what we were all thinking. C’mon we all knew that Sarah Palin’s “political career” was just a ploy to get Bristol Palin on "Dancing With The Stars."

Moore reveals in the new issue of Capitol File that she did very in depth research for the role.

“I basically had two months to prepare, so I cleared my schedule of everything, literally. I cleared everything that didn’t involve my family – I just let go of it and spent all my time doing research, it was total immersion.”

Basically, she just watched lots of Tina Fey impressions of Sarah Palin, let's be real, it's better than the real thing.

“The trickiest thing is to take all these physical and vocal characteristics and somehow filter the character’s essence through them,” says Moore, “And then you personally have to meet them somewhere, too. There’s this melding that has to happen.”