Bristol Palin Speaks Out about Break-Up

March 13, 2009 By:
Bristol Palin Speaks Out about Break-Up

Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol is finally speaking out about her not-so-recent breakup with her baby daddy Levi Johnston.

Earlier this week we heard from Levi’s sister Mercede, who insisted that Bristol was “crazy” and wouldn’t allow her brother to see the baby.

Mercede says, "Levi tries to visit Tripp every single day, but Bristol makes it nearly impossible. She tells him he can't take the baby to our house because she doesn't want him around 'white trash'!

Following his sister’s interview, Levi also spoke out about the breakup insisting it was “old news” because they broke up "a while ago."

Well now it’s Bristol’s turn to talk. But instead of lashing out against Levi and his bitter sister, she simply released a statement through her mother’s rep confirming the news.

"It is true that Levi and I are no longer together," she told Us Weekly in a statement through the Palin family spokesperson, Meghan Stapleton.

"However, I am absolutely committed to being the best mom to Tripp Easton."

She added, "As for the tabloid article, there are many inaccuracies contained within it," Bristol said. "Unfortunately, my family has seen many things in these tabloids as many try to 'cash in' on the Palin name. Sometimes that greed clouds good judgment and the truth."

At least she took the high road and didn’t bad mouth the Johnston family. But we’re still wondering why she went on national television just last month and claimed that her and Levi were still planning their wedding and talked about how he was such a “hands on Dad.”