Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston Break Up

March 11, 2009 By:
Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston Break Up

So much for happily ever after. Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol and her baby-daddy boyfriend Levi Johnston have decided to call it quits.

According to Star magazine, the teenage lovebirds are no longer an item. Levi's sister Mercede gave Star the scoop on what's really going down between them, and it's not pretty.

Mercede says, "Levi tries to visit Tripp every single day, but Bristol makes it nearly impossible. She tells him he can't take the baby to our house because she doesn't want him around 'white trash'! Bristol won't even allow him to watch the baby for a few hours -- unless he's babysitting!"

While Sarah Palin's camp refused to comment on the situation, Mercede didn't hold back. She went on to say, "Bristol's just crazy. That's the nicest way I can put it. She and Levi actually broke up a while ago!"

This is a much different picture than Brisol painted in last month's interview with Fox, saying that Levi was a "hands-on dad" who sees his son every day. She even said they were still planning on getting married.

Mercede also says that Sarah Palin fully supports her daughter's decision, which doesn't come as a surprise. She says, "I used to love Sarah. But I've lost lots of respect for her."