Sarah Palin. biography

NAME:Sarah Palin BIRTH DATE:February 11, 1964 (Age: 50) PLACE OF BIRTH:Sandpoint, Idaho

Alaskan governor and Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin was born on February 11, 1964 in Sandpoint, Idaho and raised in Alaska. While there, Sarah was a star point guard in high school, leading her team to the state title and earning the nickname "Sarah Barracuda" before being crowned the runner-up in the 1984 Miss Alaska Pageant.

After earning her degree from the University of Idaho in Communications and Journalism, Sarah became a sports reporter. Her political career began as a city council member in Wasilla and later as the mayor of Wasilla for several years. She was then elected governor of Alaska in 2006, defeating the incumbent in the primary. 

Sarah's political image as a reformer and strong social conservative led John McCain to select her as his running mate for the 2008 presidential election. Despite losing, Sarah became the first female Republican vice presidential nominee, and only the second woman to be put on a national ticket in history.

In 2010, Sarah starred as the Tea Party's keynote speaker, focusing on President Obama's mistakes and the future of the Tea Party movement. Her efforts, however, failed to prevent Obama from being elected for a second term in 2012.

Sarah Palin Husband & Dating History Timeline

Sarah and Todd Palin got hitched in 1988. They have five children together: Track (b. April 1989), Trig Paxson Van (b. April 2008), Bristol Sheeran Marie (b. October 1990), Willow (b. 1994) and Piper (b. 2001.)

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