Annette Bening Defends Sarah Palin

October 3, 2008 By:
Annette Bening Defends Sarah Palin

We finally have a Sarah Palin defender on our hands! Annette Bening has come out to
say enough is enough with the jokes…Sarah Palin deserves our respect.
Annette still supports the Democratic ticket, but thinks Palin doesn't
deserve to be treated as harshly as she is currently being treated.

She says, "We really want to hear her views, and I'm sure she'll do very well
in the debate. She's obviously a very accomplished woman. I'm a Democrat,
I'm a supporter of Barack Obama but she certainly deserves our respect."

Well, what are your thoughts about last night's debate? Did Sarah hold up
against Biden? Hillary Clinton seems to think so. She told Ryn Seacrest this
morning, "I think she's very good. I always thought she would do well. It's
. She's been thrust into the national spotlight with very little
preparation. All things considered, you saw a very composed and effective
debater last night."

Tell us your thoughts about last night's debate!