SJP Wants to Make Sex Sequel Recession Friendly

February 17, 2009 By:
SJP Wants to Make Sex Sequel Recession Friendly

Sarah Jessica Parker realizes that the world is in sort of a recession right now. And Sex and the City isn’t exactly a movie that downplays the finer things in life. The four main characters are never without a new jacket, pair of shoes, or pricey purse.

But all of that may change in the SATC sequel. Sarah Jessica says they’re trying to make it “recession-friendly”, and that it’s no easy feat! Aww, how nice of them to think of the po-folk during these tough times!

Parker tells Access Hollywood the kinds of things going through her and the producers heads when plotting the sequel. She says, "How do we do that well? And how do we do that in a not lazy way? How do we address these economic times in a franchise that has a lot to do with luxury and labels?"

"There is a lot that we have to think about because times are very different. So these are nice challenges, these are good challenges.”

But despite the women possibly having to trade out their Manolos for Maddens, Sarah Jessica has good expectations for the second movie.

She says, "I think we want this one to be a romp. The last one, we got to tell a really mature sophisticated story that had real heartbreak in it, and this time, I think we want a romp. We want our audience to have a massive romp."

Well we’re in for romping!! But the one burning question we have is what’s next for Carrie and Big???

But of course, she’s not spilling the beans on that storyline. SJP says, "In a million years I'm not going to give you an indication. I want someone to show up that first weekend."

Oh we’ll be there that weekend! And we have a feeling we won’t be the only ones!