Sex and the City Sequel Won't Be Recession Friendly

June 24, 2009 By:
Sex and the City Sequel Won't Be Recession Friendly

The words "budget" and "recession" aren't in Carrie Bradshaw's vocabulary, which is why the Sex and the City sequel will feature the girls looking just as "fabulous and flamboyant" as ever.

Sarah Jessica Parker had recently claimed that her character's wardrobe would be altered to be more "recession friendly" but SATC stylist Patricia Field won't have that kind of nonsense.

Field said: "I wouldn't do it. Of course the four girls are going to be
fabulous and flamboyant - otherwise what is the point? I want to do it the other way. I'd be like, 'Forget your troubles.' I don't use the recession as a reference for my creativity."

SJP said it would be "inappropriate" to showcase the designer clothes the show became famous for, but everyone else disagreed.

She said: "Carrie will have been affected and she's not an idiot. She's
gonna have to change from thinking about indulgence."

SATC is an escape for women. We're not idiots, we know hardly anyone can afford to buy a new pair of Manolo Blahniks and Louboutins every month, especially during these hard times, but we don't want to pay $12 to go to the theater and be reminded that we have to be on a budget.