'Sex and The City' Girls Spill The Beans...Sorta

March 6, 2008 By:
'Sex and The City' Girls Spill The Beans...Sorta

The ‘Sex and The City’ movie will finally be hitting theatres in May so the girls are finally talking. During an interview with newnownext.com the girls talk about the much anticipated film. Below are some excerpts from the interview:


Cynthia Nixon: It was wild. My first day was the second or third day of filming, when all four of us were working for the first time. We were back in these outfits, and these heels again. And we'd been away from it, and now there were 200 people and photographers on the street watching, which was very new for us. And we had to re-learn how to walk down the street and walk in unison and not teeter over in our heels, but it kind of felt great. What it felt like was a four-headed eight-legged organism.

Kristin Davis: Cynthia said, it’s like almost going back to high school, yet not. There’s an intense familiarity between us, and we are in many ways like sisters. We finish each others’ sentences and we were never separated from each other. People kept saying how is it to be back together? But we were never separated, we just had to go back to being our characters which was a very surreal.

Kim Cattrall: It was so easy. God, it was so fabulous—and fun. The most difficult thing was the first day, there were so many crowds on the street and they were screaming and yelling and I just was really kind of... It kind of broke my concentration. I was overwhelmed, as I think all of us were. Because I didn’t know what to expect and there’s someone screaming in the middle of a scene, “I love you Samantha!” or “Carrie, I’m over here!” We had never really dealt with that. But we were kind of asking for it, shooting on Park Avenue in September, in the late afternoon, while the city was packed.

Kristin Davis: The cacophony and insanity... It was shocking—mainly because of the paparazzi now. That whole thing has escalated since we did the pilot in ’97. Like, a few years ago when Sarah was pregnant and they started trailing her 24/7 it was frightening and strange. And now that’s common.

My first day shooting was with Chris Noth and there were maybe 10 paparazzi video cameras on us all day all the time. While we were acting, and while we weren’t. As we were filming the scene! I was like, “Aren’t they getting the dialogue?” You want the scene to be a surprise when they see it. We’d had the paparazzi before, but not the video before. It was weird having video cameras in your face all the time. That was new.