Sarah Jessica Parker's Surrogate Mother Revealed

May 6, 2009 By:
Sarah Jessica Parker's Surrogate Mother Revealed

When news broke that Sarah Jessica Parker and her hubby Matthew Broderick were expecting twins via a surrogate mother, everyone was left wondering who the mystery woman was.

Star magazine claims they've uncovered the identity of the surrogate mother, and she has a "checkered" past.

The magazine reports that Michelle Ross, 26, is the surrogate mother carrying SJP's twin girls. According to her ex husband, Joe Erker, Michelle is a little bit of a wild girl.

Joe Erker claims his ex is bisexual, and even has a tattoo on her wrist proclaiming it to the world.

Michelle herself admits, "I have had pink hair and tattoos and spiked collars. My favorite shoes are five-inch black spike heels which lace up the front."

SJP and Broderick are expecting their twins in just a few months, so we're hoping Michelle adopted to a healthier lifestyle before she became pregnant.