Sarah Jessica Parker's Assistant NOT The Shoplifter

December 12, 2012 By:
Sarah Jessica Parker's Assistant NOT The Shoplifter
Image By: PR Photos
Coming back from a stay in Norway, Sarah Jessica Parker got involved in a little unlawful activity. Someone traveling with the actress was caught lifting an expensive pair of sunglasses from an airport store.
According to TMZ, the incident went down at the Oslo, Norway airport where SJP was leaving to return to her native land of NYC. 

Sources say that she was traveling via United Airlines when someone from Sarah’s group stole the shades. Police stopped the thief from boarding a plane. They were charged with a $1,400 fine that was paid on the spot. 
But, the shenanigans put the flight an entire hour behind schedule…
It was initially reported that Sarah’s assistant was the one that stole the sunglasses, but a rep for SJP tells Hollyscoop that they were, in fact, not connected with the “Sex and the City” actress.
“It wasn't Sarah Jessica Parkers assistant. There will be no statement at this time,” the rep said.
It wasn’t anyone on Sarah’s payroll that jacked the pricy merchandise, but that is WAS, in fact, someone traveling in her entourage. 
(Side note: Sarah Jessica Parker has an entourage? Who does think she is, Biggie Smalls? I guess she’ll be prepared if any fashion thugs start straight trippin’…)
According to the celebrity tracker, the unnamed culprit with the sticky fingers and shaded eyeballs was actually someone working for the Nobel Peace Prize. Sarah was reportedly overseas to host an event for the organization.
So, all is well in the world of SJP. You are now free to go about your day.