Sarah Jessica Parker Likes to Lie to Her Husband

May 26, 2010 By:
Sarah Jessica Parker Likes to Lie to Her Husband

Sarah Jessica Parker loves keeping secrets from her hubby Matthew Broderick, because she thinks it helps keep the spark alive in their marriage. Um...ok.

While doing promos for Sex and the City 2, SJP was asked what the key to a successful marriage is, and she said mystery.

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She said: "I like having some mystery in our relationship. I like not knowing everything about my husband. I think people should have things that are theirs, things that are the unknown to someone else. I think it's good to have some privacy and some secrets in our lives.”

She also claimed that Matthew has no problem watching her make up with hot guys on screen. In fact, he could care less.

She told "We've been together for years. Both of us have starred in movies opposite lots of beautiful, smart, interesting people. But we have still come home to the same house, to each other. Matthew isn't jealous when I'm in a movie with a sexy guy. He doesn't seem to show any degree of being threatened by it. I don't know, maybe he doesn't care."

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