Sarah Jessica Parker Gets Mobbed During SATC Shoot

September 4, 2009 By:
Sarah Jessica Parker Gets Mobbed During SATC Shoot

Sex and the City fans are so crazy about the movie, Sarah Jessica Parker has had to beef up security while she shoots scenes in New York or else she'll get mobbed by fans.

And when we say beef up security, we're talking Presidential style! SJP actually has that many bodyguards and security surrounding the set!

A source said: "The film's security team looked more like they were protecting the president than Sarah Jessica Parker.

"At one point, teenage girls were practically trampling each other trying to get to Sarah Jessica as she was walking back to her trailer, but her security team was shoving everyone out of the way."

SJP is trying to sympathic towards the fans telling her bodyguard to be careful when they handle the crowd. A source said told the New York Daily News newspaper: "She was telling them not to hurt the fans. She looked upset and extremely concerned. The guards were getting pretty rough."

We don't know about you, but we're dying to see more clips and photos of the girls shooting for the movie. It's like a little treat seeing a new Carrie outfit every day. What do you think the plot for the Sex and the City sequel will be about?