Sarah Jessica Parker Denies Marriage Rift

January 23, 2009 By:
Sarah Jessica Parker Denies Marriage Rift

Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband of
12 years Matthew Broderick have been denying breakup rumors for over a year...and they're still going strong.

Last summer there were reports that Matthew had cheated on SJP while she was busy filming 'Sex and the City' in Los Angeles (the scene in Mexico was actually filmed in Malibu, CA).

One year later, SJ is still denying rumors and told reporters, "We don't even bother to address them," adding that the best part of being married is "being married."

After watching The American Plan, a play starring Mercedes Ruehl and Lily Rabe, SJ told People, "This is date night. It was really lovely."

It's so rare for a celebrity marriage to last more than 10 years that people have to resort to making up stories to try and cause some drama between the couple. Perhaps it's the real deal. They have a son together and seem to be a really happy family. Leave Carrie and her Mr. Big alone!