Carrie Bradshaw's 'Sex and the City' Townhouse for Sale

March 9, 2012 By:
Carrie Bradshaw's 'Sex and the City' Townhouse for Sale

Does it still have that giant hole in the wall from when Aidan wanted to move in? Okay, I’ve admittedly seen every episode at least five times. And that’s mild compared to some of you.

Remember that awesome townhouse that Carrie Bradshaw lived in on ‘Sex and The City’? For $9.65 million, it can be yours. And it’s actually even better than what we saw on the show.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s famous love struck single lived in the amazing rent-controlled one-bedroom apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. But the exterior belonged to a four-story, 4,100 square foot townhouse that’s situated on Perry Street in the West Village.

Close enough.

The home has a gorgeous staircase, six fireplaces and a series of large windows with gorgeous views of tree-lined Perry Street. Sotheby International Realty says that the house is “waiting to be restored to its original grandeur.”

Designed by Robert Mook, the home has five bedrooms—not just one, and three bathrooms. There are also herringbone wood floors, ornate crown molding, double parlors and a garden, which sits on the south end of the property.

Mook also completed most of the other similarly styled townhouses on the block. The listing boasts:

“A grand entry hall greets visitors on the parlor level with a sweeping staircase and a wide arched doorway leading to double parlors at the front and rear of the house, with 12’+/- ceilings.”

The only thing that would make this place more awesome? If all of Carrie’s shoes were included in the price.

Only two families have lived in the home since the residence was built in 1866.